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From preconception to 6 years old we support families to become healthier and happier.

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Coaching Phoenix, LLC


We are passionate about supporting women, their families, including babies and children (up to 6-7 years old) to be more empowered, self-confident with high self-esteem and self-worth. Our coaching style is inspired in couples counseling, family counseling and early childhood counseling as well as child therapy, couples therapy and family therapy.

We  are invested in helping you to understand and transform challenging issues within your self, your partnership, past birth experience, birth trauma, childhood, life, birth story, unresolved grief, or burdensome life concerns. Our focus on Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Early Childhood Psychology as well her work in energetic healings enable us to have an holistic and integrative approach to the human experience. All sessions are personalized to fit your needs and goals, adjusting the tools used to fulfill this purpose.

At Coaching Phoenix, LLC, we aim to:

1) Build resilience, enhance individual’s power, and reduce stress;

2) Promote the adoption of healthy lifestyles;

3) Promote healthy relationships, to enhance bonding and parenting skills;

4) Promote healthy relationships, communication and social skills in children;

5) Promote self-esteem, self worth;

6) Promote a more calm and joyful state of mind;

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