Conscious Conception

Conscious Conception means being more mindful of our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and behaviors concerning not only conception but our daily life as well. Parenting starts with the desire for having children, even before conception, with the choices made towards that goal. Accordingly to the advances in science, more specifically in epigenetic the three months prior to conception nutrition, exercise, thoughts, emotions and beliefs play a role in the quality of egg and sperm. As Bruce Lipton explains in his book The Biology of Believe, our thoughts, emotions and beliefs can active the expression of specific genes. In other words, the parents-to-be emotions, thoughts and believes will have implications on their babies genes and therefor in the baby-to-be health, personality, and behavior. Conscious Conception helps improve your baby’s health, self-esteem, self-worth and over all well-being.

Conscious Conception is most beneficial for the families to understand and transform challenging issues within one self, such as partnership, past birth experience, birth trauma, childhood, life, birth story, unresolved grief, burdensome life concerns and others, preferably before conception. Then any unwanted or uncomfortable patterns wouldn’t pass on to their babies, giving them as much possible a clean slate from what they can begin their life.

Although parents might not had any Conscious Conception session prior conceiving a baby they can still benefit from Conscious Pregnancy and Conscious Parenting to empower families and their babies, adding to parenting enjoyment and help future parents to create a more loving, peaceful, and welcoming space.

We understand the importance of being aware of our emotions, thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. Only by being aware with can take measures to make us fell more in balance, more joyful and peaceful. Conscious Conception aims to plants the seeds for healthier beings and in the long run for a healthier society.

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