Conscious Parenting

Conscious Parenting empowers families to answer to their children needs to develop and thrive. It is supported by cutting edge scientific findings. More specifically, Conscious Parenting concept is enlightened by Bruce Lipton research. In his book, Biology of Believe, he demonstrated the influence of the environment on which genes are expressed or silenced. Lipton has contributed to a change in paradigm from genetic determinism to one where our thoughts, emotions and believes will determined which genes are expressed or not. Genes or chromosomes themself don’t have the ability to express selective genes. Conscious Parenting is not a traditional line of though about children development but it doesn’t require you to abandon all of your parenting practices.

Conscious Parenting focuses on being attune with your children needs and all forms of communication. It is clear that all children’s behavior is communication. As you shift your thinking about what kids need and investigate what is really going on behind the behavior you can be mindful of your emotions, thoughts and believes your children’s behavior is bringing up. Our brain thrives on connection and empathy. While you are focus on responding to your children needs (and not necessarily giving them all they want) you are creating a receptive and emphatic safe space where you can connect with their primordial needs and fears in order to respond appropriately. Everyone needs to feel seen, acknowledge, safe and loved. By doing so you are seeding your children with a healthy self-esteem and self-worth. The objective of Conscious Parenting is to improve children’s health, development and behavior as well as adding to your enjoyment as parent.

In Conscious Parenting, the family starts from the moment of conception (Conscious Pregnancy) or even with the desire of conception (Conscious Conception). We all carry our past experiences into our relationships. In the same way, our relationship with our parents will influence how we see parenthood. Conscious Parenting creates a safe place where parents can choose to understand these influence and repair the aspects they don’t want to pass on their relationship with their children. As well as helping parents improving their communications skills and connecting with themselves and their children, building the foundation of self-regulation, resiliency and attachment, which influence mood, behaviors, emotional intelligence, the ability to give and receive empathy, cognitive processing and even our immune function.

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