The beginning of life matters!!!

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I am constantly astonished by our ability to be resilient!

I am humbled by women’s bravery sharing the birth story and how it shaped who they are now, stories of prematurity and adoption, of vulnerability and strength. They affirm how important it was for them to understand to how life in the womb and the experiences lived during labor, birth and postpartum had deep implications in their day-to-day life. As adults they have now the maturity to understand better decisions made at the time around birth and events. Interestingly, being aware of specific patterns that emerged from pre and perinatal experiences gifted them with a sense of release, hope and empowerment. For them, it is now possible to heal and/or repair some aspects of their life that might be causing some discomfort. Often enough the pre and perinatal memories will be stored in the body or in the subconscious or even unconscious mind. They can be recalled by somatic or process hypnotic process such as regression therapy. Remembering those experiences can bring some awareness over specific behavior patterns but even more important is to repair the emotional layers paired with those experiences.

Michelle Odent says “To change the world, we must first change the way babies are being born”. We all have one thing in common – We were all born! And we all are human beings carrying imprints set at birth. Science is now catching up with the ancestral knowledge that babies in the womb are sentient beings, capable to have experience, feelings and memories. It also was been demonstrated how certain pre and perinatal experiences can lead to diseases in adulthood. Healthier pre and perinatal experiences will bring healthier impulses, motivations, emotional states and behaviors. Babies that feel loved, respected, heard and seen will become adults with beautiful self-esteem and self-worth, who can have deep meaningful connections and healthy relationship.


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